HiLoBrow, July2017

In a feat of rare, cerebral physicality by director Maria Swisher, the play travels trough the cavern of an ex-industrial space in Queens, NY, with the audience called on to change their vantage point from time to time. An accompanying thematic exhibit covers the walls and spills into the action with the totemic sculptures and cotton clouds laced with LED lightning by designer Giannina Gutierrez, which share the space and serve as settings and props for the play. The cumulative avant-carnival feel lets you experience what was happening at modernist “happenings,” with zero pretension or Disney-Broadway cheese, though the author and re-imaginers have a wide eye for pop-culture references and a circus-like lack of self-importance and authentic eagerness to please and entertain.

Project Art, May 2016

ProjectArt is a non-profit organization that focus on providing inner city youth with after-school art classes. Classes are held at the NY Public Libraries in all five boroughs. Art instructors such as Giannina Gutierrez brings a different kind of experience collaborating with ProjectArt, the students, Allerton Public Library and the community.

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NYBG Fiesta de Flores, September 2016

Artists Giannina Gutierrez and Marthalicia Matarrita created beautiful art for the event, as Darcie Garcia led participants in floral arranging workshops


Remezcla, February, 2016

This show is all about the experience of making art. At the event put on by The Escape Artists’ Collective you will meet 12 artists showcasing the different processes of their personal art-making. This will be live art creation in the form of wood-burning, typography, copper sculpting, culinary artistry and more. Previously profiled artist Dizmology will be part of the show as well as painter and muralist Giannina Gutierrez and many other talented folks. 


National Audubon Society, June 2016

“I chose the Horned Grebe for its striking appearance; with it's fiery eyes and mohawk-like feathers, this bird strikes me as a rebel. He refuses to be endangered.”

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The Stylisted, 2014-present

Artist specializing in contouring to accentuate features